Using the plugin

You find the elements to use from under the groups “ACF Fields – Single” and “ACF Fields – Option pages”. Due to how the fields are detected by the add on you need to save the page or post to draft. If you click Edit with elementor before saving the draft the plugin does not find any fields and therefor does not show any widgets.

  1. Add ACF fields to a page/post
  2. Click Add New Post/Page
  3. If ACF fields are shown, add some data and click save draft.
  4. Click Edit with Elementor
  5. In the widget are click Search and enter “ACF” the available AE widgets will be shown.
  6. Drag widget per usual Elementor
  7. See respective widget article for instructions
  8. See YouTube for some video examples

Important: These groups are only visible if you have actually added Advanced Custom Fields. You need to at least save draft on page/post/CPT for the add-on to detect the fields. If the add-on can’t detect any registered ACF fields no widgets are shown. Also only the widgets that correspond to registered fields are shown. For example: If there are no repeater fields there are no repeater based elements listed in Elementor widget area.

Updated on July 19, 2018

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