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The Accordion widget requires a repeater field either on the current page, preview page(post etc) or on an option page. The supported subfields are text, textarea, wysiwyg and for the features list a repeater field is required.

ACF Setup

Price Table widget requires a repeater field.

The Price Table makes use of quite a few subfields but not all are required for the widget to be displayed.


You find it easiest by searching for ACF Price Table in the Elementor Search Widget field:

Elementor search widget field

Drag the following widget icon into your section to add the widget.


After adding the widget to your section/column the following settings are shown.

Select a detected repeater field to use

Field is a dropdown with the detected Repeater fields. When you select a repeater field numerous fields shown where you can select among the detected subfields.


You can style the various parts of the price table.


Updated on October 8, 2019

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