Tabs widget

The widget detects ACF text fields to use as tabs and textareas, wysiwyg as is used as tab content.

ACF setup

The widget detects repeater fields and the stup is pretty simple. Just add a repeater field with two sub fields.


You find it easiest by searching for ACF Tabs in the Elementor Search Widget …  field:

Elementor search widget field

Drag the following widget icon into your section to add the widget.


After adding the widget to your section/column the following settings are shown.

Field is a dropdown with the detected Repeater fields, tab title and tab content dropdowns contain detected subfields.


You can style the whole tab area, the tabs and the tab content.

Page/post ACF fields

The tab order is based on the order of the ACF fields in the repeater field on the edit page.


Depending if you are using WordPress with LTR or RTL the tab order will change accordingly.

With LTR the first repeater row is shown on the left.
With RTL the first repeater row is shown on the right.
Updated on May 28, 2019

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